Pro tips: Simple ways to keep your home safe from burglars

Even if you’re not a dedicated prepper, home security and knowing how to defend yourself from potential burglars is something that anyone and everyone can benefit from. While it’s true that some neighborhoods are safer than others, your home could be broken into no matter where you are, which could ultimately result in valuable items being stolen and even your life and your family’s lives being put in jeopardy. This is exactly why it is so important to pay attention to advice from the experts; experts such as David Laubner of the video security company Blink, who recently shared six smart tricks for keeping the burglars away.

1) Reinforce glass doors

 While a committed burglar who really wants to get into your home could always just smash the glass, remember that this will make a lot of noise and likely give you a chance to react. Other than breaking the glass, the only other option that burglars really have is to sneak in by opening the door. This can be prevented by reinforcing your glass doors with a yard stick or an old broom handle. (Related: For more news on preparing, visit Laubner recommends keeping “no more than an inch of space between the door once the block is in place, as a clever thief knows how to lift out a sliding door or window if there is more than an inch of empty space.”

2) Keep your mailbox and porch clear

 If you are away on vacation and your mailbox is overflowing with mail, you might as well hang a sign on your front door that says, “we are not home, come on inside and take whatever you want.” An overflowing mailbox is a red flag that you haven’t been home for an extended period of time, so be sure to have a trusted neighbor collect your mail for you while you are away or have your mail stopped. Also, have your neighbor keep your porch clear of any packages that might have arrived, as these too will attract the attention of would-be burglars.

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3) Set lights on timers and leave cars in the driveway

As Laubner put it, “With the lights in your home turned on, and a car visibly parked in the driveway, burglars won’t take the risk of breaking into your home, especially if they think you’re in it.” Like with the second piece of advice on this list, the key here is to make it look like you are home, even though you aren’t. (Related: Here are 25 things you can do right now to improve your home security.)

4) Don’t advertise your vacation

In the age of the Internet and social media, it may be extremely tempting to post pictures and status updates about your vacation. Keep in mind, though, that once you put this information out there, there’s no telling who will see it. Keep the fact that you are on vacation a private matter to avoid a home break-in.

5) Install a home security system

As Laubner noted, homes that don’t have a home security system installed are 300 times more likely to be broken into. The recommends getting a quality system such as the Dakota Long Range Alert system, which can give you advanced warning when an intruder is on to your property. A good home security system can cost a bit of money, but when it comes to your safety and peace of mind, they are well worth the investment.

6) Don’t forget the basics

“Though it goes without saying, don’t forget to lock your windows and doors after letting in some fresh air, as these types of break-ins account for 35 percent of burglaries,” Laubner explained. Always remember the basics, because one small mistake could result in a break-in, loss of valuable possessions, or worse.

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