Food Independence: Learn how to build a simple, sustainable and humane system of raising meat chickens

Growing and harvesting your own vegetables and fruits is one thing. Living off them is another. Unless you’re growing plants that are particularly robust in terms of calories, the amount of effort put into growing them and the energy yielded from their consumption doesn’t balance out. Fortunately, adding meat to your diet more than makes up for it.

And we’re not talking about the meat you purchase from the supermarket (which has most likely been doused with chemicals and pumped full of harmful additives). We’re talking about meat that comes from the same place as your homegrown vegetables and fruits. At this point, you may be telling yourself that raising animals for food is a different kind of beast from plants. After all, plants don’t move around as much nor do they leave behind a lot of waste in their wake.

The whole process is a lot easier than you think. Marjory Wildcraft, founder of The Grow Network, has developed a simple, sustainable, and humane system of raising meat chickens, and she’s documented her techniques in the film “Raising Meat Chickens.”

And, from April 17 to 19, you’ll be able to livestream the whole movie without having to pay for it. That means that, for 72 hours, you’ll have a zero-cost entry to the film that will teach you all you need to know about caring for chickens to support yourself and your family. You’ll get a comprehensive look at the entire system, from the moment the chicks hatch from the egg to when you store chicken meat in your freezer. All of which can be done in a manner that minimally impacts the environment.

By registering today, you’ll also have exclusive access to even more chicken-raising resources, which include:

  • How to grow and ferment your own chicken feed;
  • The best chicken breeds for egg laying;
  • Tips for protecting your chickens from predators like snakes and raccoons;
  • Keeping your chicks warm and happy;
  • And much more.

Even if your living situation doesn’t allow room for animal-based food production, “Raising Meat Chickens” is still a very educational film loaded with useful information that could save your life one day. And, best of all, it will be yours to watch at no cost whatsoever for 72 hours. Take the chance to learn all you can and need about raising your own chickens for food. It’s a must for any prepper and survivalist and may be a necessity for you one day.

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