Why super glue is an essential survival supply item

You usually use super glue to fix items around the house on occasion, but when SHTF, super glue can be an indispensable addition to your bug-out bag (BOB).

Not everyone has the same list when it comes to items you need in a BOB, but most preppers will agree that you’ll need some super glue during a survival scenario. It’s portable and it’s light, and it’s a versatile item. (h/t to SurvivalSullivan.com)

Here are 11 eleven reasons why you need super glue in your BOB:

  1. To close a wound – Super gluing a wound should be used as a last resort. Use it sparingly to close a wound to effectively keep shallow wounds dirt-free. Before you apply super glue to a wound, clean the affected area then pinch the cut closed. Take note that super glue may cause irritation and damage to the skin. Try to use medical grade glue like dermaflex or Surgi-Lock whenever possible. Do not use super glue internally or to fill deep wounds. Do not use super glue on animal bites, bleeding deep cuts, dirty wounds, facial wounds, infected wounds, puncture wounds, and wounds with jagged edges.
  2. To fill cracks – Combine super glue with baking soda to cause a reaction that will make the mixture harden and swell. This chemical reaction can help fill cracks between your shelter or gear.
  3. To make weapons – Super glue can be used to fix broken weapons or make new ones.
  4. To patch a tent – When SHTF, your shelter will keep you warm and dry. If your tent starts leaking, use super glue to patch the leak.
  5. To patch water bottles – Water is a necessity when SHTF and you will need sturdy and reusable water bottles. If your bottles are damaged, use super glue to fix holes or leaks. (Related: 18 low-cost REPAIR items preppers are stockpiling to keep things running once the civil war begins.)
  6. To remove splinters – Apply a thin layer of super glue to the area where the splinter went in, then let the super glue dry completely. Once you pull it off, the splinter should come right out.
  7.  To repair boots/shoes – It’s important to keep moving when SHTF, and you can’t do that if your shoes are damaged. Super glue your shoes if they need to be repaired. You can also use super glue to stop the ends of your shoelaces from fraying.
  8. To repair fishing gear/tools – You will need fishing gear to feed yourself and your group during a disaster scenario. If you have super glue, you can use it to ensure that your fishing gear is in good shape.
  9. To repair fletching – If you reuse arrows when hunting, the fletching may wear off. With some super glue, you can repair the fletching on your arrows.
  10. To repair your backpack – You need a BOB that’s intact and if you have super glue, you can fix any broken straps or clasps.
  11. To stop ropes from fraying – Fraying rope can endanger your life, but you can use super glue to prevent it from happening. Simply apply super glue to the ends of cordage/rope to prevent it from fraying and unraveling when you’re using it.

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There are countless other uses for super glue so don’t forget this handy item when you’re checking the items in your BOB or survival stockpile. Super glue might just save the day.

Other unusual survival items for your stockpile

Aside from super glue, these unusual survival items deserve a spot in your storage room or BOB:

  • Nails and screws – Nails and screws are practical items to store because you can use them to create and fix various things. You can even use nails and screws for bartering.
  • Perfume cards – These scented bits of paper are full of alcohol, making them perfect for starting fires.
  • Steel wool – You can use steel wool as a firestarter. Touch steel wool to a nine-volt battery when you need to start a fire.
  • Tampons and maxi pads – Even if there aren’t any women in your group, you can use tampons and maxi pads for various purposes such as bartering, starting a fire, or for stopping wounds from bleeding out.

You can learn more about why you need superglue when prepping and other unusual items that you need to include in your BOB at Gear.news.

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