James Yeager uploads the full “Fighting Pistol” video course to Brighteon.com

As YouTube takes aim at firearm instruction videos, Brighteon.com is giving firearm enthusiasts a platform to speak freely and share valuable knowledge!

The full version of the Fighting Pistol video course, by firearm expert James Yeager, has been published at Brighteon.com. This comprehensive course is a must-watch for anyone who owns a pistol, or is considering firearm ownership. This video provides valuable tips for concealed carry permit holders or anyone who wants to sharpen their self defense skills.

The course teaches discipline and hits on four rules-of-thumb for firearm safety:

1.) Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target and you have made a decision to shoot. Any flinch or reflex could be fatal if your finger is hovering over the trigger.

2.) Never let the muzzle cross anything you don’t intend to destroy. Never point a firearm at another person, even if it is unloaded.

3.) Treat all guns as if they are always loaded.

4.) When you go to shoot, be sure of your target and what’s beyond it. Bullets may ricochet and/or can penetrate multiple targets. In a gunfight, be aware of all targets in the vicinity. Innocent people can be injured or killed by stray gunfire.

The course also covers tips for personal safety.

• It’s important to always wear eye and ear protection at the shooting range.

• Stay focused. Finish the drill. Don’t be deterred by hot brass when it burns your skin.

• When you draw your pistol and slip, or the pistol catches on your gear, let the pistol drop and hit the ground. If you try to catch the firearm, you may accidentally grab the trigger and shoot yourself.

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The course also covers mindset, vocalization, and focus, which are crucial in a fire fight.

• Mental focus, alertness, decisiveness, aggressiveness, coolness, and ruthlessness are important mental and personality aspects that determine outcomes during a confrontation.

• Mental tactics are used to maximize one’s opportunity to take shots at the enemy and minimize the enemy’s opportunities to shoot back.

• Practice re-holstering without looking. Looking down for even one second could cost you. Everything changes when you lose focus.

• The course covers accurate follow-through — which means looking down the sights, before, during and after the trigger is pulled. The bullet will travel where you direct it.

• The course also teaches you to practice your vocal response when confronting a threat. Vocalization can either heighten the deadliness of the circumstances or calm a situation.

• Being covert-ready is important before confronting a threat and instructing them to “stop.”

The course also covers questions that one must ask themselves before, during, or after a fight, including:

• Do I need to fight?

• Do I need to fight the person anymore to fully stop their threat?

• Do I need to fight anyone else to stop the threat?

• What should I do to prepare to fight again if the threat re-emerges?

Firearm expert James Yeager covers these topics and more at TacticalResponse.com.

Check out the full Fighting Pistol video course at Brighteon.com to perfect your shooting and increase your chances of winning any fight.

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