Unstoppable survival skills and tools that will see you through almost any SHTF situation

In the world of prepping there are basic survival tools, and then there are unstoppable survival weapons and skills that will see the average prepper through virtually anything that man or nature can throw at them. American Preppers Network (APN) recently outlined the most important skills and tools that every prepper should ensure they have on hand at any given time.

Unstoppable weapons

These tools are weapons against your demise.

Ferro rod:

A ferro rod is a tool used by preppers, campers and others as a fire starter. Ferro rods look like small steel rods, and are made from ferrocerium, a manmade metallic alloy that can produce sparks of 3,000-plus degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 1,649 degrees Celsius). What makes the ferro rod an unstoppable weapon? Its ability to start as many as 2,000 individual fires, and the fact that it is virtually indestructible. As noted by APN, nothing – including blood, water, sand or mud – will destroy it. Since fire for warmth and cooking is one of the most important elements of survival, the ferro rod is a vital part of any prepper’s kit.

Folding saw:

A folding saw is shaped almost like a penknife in that it folds in on itself, but has the sharp, serrated blades of a saw. A good quality steel folding saw will make sourcing wood for fires and shelter-building a breeze, and will spare the blade of your all-purpose survival knife.

Steel traps:

As much as many of us may be opposed to the idea of causing any animal pain or discomfort, the reality is that in a survival situation sourcing food becomes one of the main focuses of the day. A steel trap is a sure way to catch the food you need to keep your family alive and is a better bet than trying to use a weapon to hunt because it doesn’t require ammunition and can be used over and over again.

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A tourniquet:

Medical supplies are an important part of any survival kit, and possibly the most important medical survival gear item is a good tourniquet. A tourniquet is a device that applies pressure around a limb to restrict the flow of blood for a period of time. Why is this an unstoppable weapon? Because it can mean the difference between bleeding out and surviving after injury.


An often overlooked survival item, stakes are strong plastic or metal posts with pointed ends which can be driven into the ground. As noted by APN:

A simple tarp, cordage and stakes will give you shelter from most elements in a matter of 10 minutes.

Shelter is right up there with food and fire as one of the most essential elements of survival, making stakes invaluable – and unstoppable – weapons.


As noted above, a tarp, cordage and stakes will provide basic shelter in a matter of minutes. But the uses of cordage extend far beyond just creating shelter. As explained by APN:

You can make shelter, nets, weapons, grips, hang things, make slings and many other things.

Cordage cannot break. Nothing ba[d] can happen to it. If it gets really old, it might get a little brittle but things like bank line and 550 paracord are what you want. By carrying cordage, you give yourself options to use the natural world and manipulate it to do your bidding.

A steel bottle:

A steel bottle will provide water storage and can be used to boil water directly on the fire. Being steel it will be far more durable than a “designer” insulated bottle. (Related: What’s in YOUR bug out bag? 10 must-have multipurpose survival tools.)

Essential skills

While the ability to hunt, build a shelter and make a fire may immediately jump to mind as the most important survival skills – and, of course, they are vitally important – APN points out the single most important survival skill to practice is physical fitness:

Think of how you enter a survival situation. Are you hydrated, are you winded, are you injured. A healthy lifestyle that focuses on fitness can be one of the most powerful tools you have in your survivors toolkit.

Stamina is gold. It dictates how far you can go. Fitness also teaches you how to overcome severe physical adversity and believe me, survival is going to present severe physical adversity. Its [sic] about a lot more than just looking good. (Related: Bushcraft survival skills to teach your kids or grandkids.)

There is certainly a lot of crazy instability in the world at the moment. Politically, financially and in terms of natural phenomena, our planet feels like it’s teetering on the brink of the next disaster at any given time. Preparedness and survival skills and tools are therefore vitally important. Don’t delay. Start working on your SHTF plan today. Get more essential tips at Preparedness.news.

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