Natural medicines to use after SHTF

If ever SHTF, you might not be able to have access to medication that can treat all sorts of ailments and injuries in a survival scenario. Before that even happens, you should start preparing for that scenario by stockpiling and growing your own supply of natural medicines. Here are a few natural remedies that can be incredibly useful after SHTF. (h/t to


Packed with essential vitamins and nutrients, this healing herb is a common ingredient in natural painkillers. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties and contains a peptide that can help alleviate pain associated with gout and arthritis. It may even help protect you from damage from free radicals. Amaranth is also incredibly useful to diabetics due to its ability to help manage blood sugar levels and reduce insulin levels. Other health benefits of amaranth include boosting your immune system, stimulating bone and muscle repair, and strengthening your bones.


Yarrow is a perennial herb that is useful for the treatment of wounds, cuts, and abrasions. It is also known by its common names of staunchweed and soldier’s woundwort. These names are fitting as you can always count on this reliable herb to staunch wounds that will not stop bleeding. You can crush the plant’s leaves and apply them topically on your open wounds to encourage clotting and lessen the likelihood of infection. The traditional use of this antiseptic herb involves drying it, powdering it, then mixing it with either plantain or comfrey water. It can also be freshly used as a poultice. (Related: 23 Medicinal plants you need to know about when SHTF.)

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Cat’s Claw

This plant is named as such due to its hook-like thorns that resemble the claws of a cat. It is a natural painkiller that can help relieve pain and inhibit inflammation. It can normally be taken in the form of a pill or a capsule. Cat’s claw can also be used to help fight infection, boost your immune system, and alleviate pain associated with chronic fatigue, arthritis, hemorrhoids, asthma, allergies, diabetes, ulcers, and even cancer.


Lavender is a versatile plant with many health uses, such as repelling insects, reducing swelling, relieving itchy skin and rashes, and treating insect bites, burns, and skin disorders. You can crush fresh lavender leaves and apply them to the affected area. You can also dry the leaves and place them in a jar filled with olive oil. Allow the leaves to soak in the oil for around six to eight weeks, and then decant the oil. You can then use this lavender-infused medicinal oil to treat most of your skin problems. Another option would be to apply lavender essential oil to sore body parts and massage those aching muscles and tendons.


Burdock root can be used to help eliminate acne problems. You can also make a liver tonic with burdock roots and leaves to purify your blood and the rest of your body. You can even eat the roots and leaves fresh, but if you don’t want them to taste bitter, you can first boil them in water and then drain the water afterward.


Turmeric is an herb that contains an anti-inflammatory compound called curcumin. Turmeric is useful in drawing out infections, alleviating pain, improving blood circulation, and stopping blood clots.


When the early signs of a cold begin to appear, you can take echinacea products to reduce the cold’s symptoms and shorten its duration. You can even make a soothing herbal tea using dried echinacea roots or leaves.

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