Non-lethal but effective weapons for home defense

A home is meant to be the safest place a person can be. If you are attacked at home, you should be able to defend yourself with an arsenal of non-lethal weapons that could just be lying around the house at your disposal. Thieves and burglars don’t have to be dealt with using lethal force. Here are a few less-than-deadly weapons you can use to protect yourself in case of a home invasion. (h/t to

Tasers and taser guns

Taser guns can shoot out a pair of metal darts that can provide a high-voltage shock powerful enough to incapacitate a person for several minutes, but without leaving any lasting damage. Handheld tasers follow the same basic principle, but instead of shooting out anything, the taser itself must make physical contact with the person you want to incapacitate. The main drawback of handheld tasers is the lack of range, but with enough skill, you can still make use of one when fighting in close quarters. (Related: 9 secrets from a veteran cop to protect your home from burglars.)

Pepper guns and pepper spray

When it comes to personal defense, pepper spray is often used as a safer alternative to tear gas. This non-lethal weapon can cause severe irritation to the eyes and leave a burning sensation on exposed skin. Depending on the type of pepper spray or gun that you purchase, it may have a range of anywhere between four to six feet, though some may be able to reach around 15 feet. If you’re looking for something with both greater range and potency, you might want to consider stocking up on bear spray. If you can get a good-quality brand of bear spray, it might have a range of up to 32 feet.

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Sonic weapons

Sonic weapons are more intruder deterrents that you can install in your home, rather than a handheld weapon. These weapons operate by producing an incapacitating sound that can cause nausea or weakness in a person. As such, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere nearby when it goes off. Sonic weapons work best when installed around the perimeter of your home, near potential entry points. They can help protect your home even when you aren’t around.

Self-defense key chains

These key chains aren’t just for decorative purposes. They often have hidden weapons attached to them that you can use when no other weapons are available. Some of them can have small pocket knives attached to them with assisted opening blades. Others may have monkey fists made of paracord. You can use them to hit an attacker over an arm’s length away. With enough skill and practice, they can cause serious injuries.

Non-lethal shotgun shells

What shotguns lack in terms of aiming, they more than make up for in terms of sheer firepower. You can do a lot more damage with a 12-gauge shotgun loaded with a slug or a load of buckshot than you ever can with a simple pistol bullet. However, you can also use a shotgun to deal non-lethal blunt trauma by loading it with beanbag rounds or rubber slugs. This will be more than enough to knock any intruder down and inflict considerable pain without dealing any permanent damage.

Tactical pens

Tactical pens are versatile tools that come with a number of useful features other than serving as a regular pen. They often come with other functions, such as flashlights, glass breakers and knives. While they probably won’t be able to inflict deep wounds, you can use tactical pens to stab at the vulnerable parts of your assailant’s body.

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