How to plan for and live a low-profile mobile lifestyle

Living off the grid is a noble goal for most preppers. The freedom to drop entirely off the radar, become invisible to the authorities, and travel wherever you want can be the most liberating thing for a lot of people. Realistically speaking, this lifestyle won’t be feasible for everyone, but if you are truly committed to achieving this level of personal freedom, it is possible. Keep in mind, however, that it will require a lot of planning and dedication. If you want to live a low-profile, mobile lifestyle, here are a few suggested strategies that you could follow. (h/t to

Live the RV lifestyle

If you don’t want to settle down in a single location, you can learn how to sustainably bug out in a recreational vehicle (RV) and take the comforts of home with you, wherever you go. This kind of lifestyle can provide plenty of mobility and flexibility. It can also help you minimize your daily costs, as long as you keep your mileage low. If you aren’t careful, fuel expenses and vehicular wear-and-tear can eat up your budget. If you take the time to learn how to properly care and maintain your own RV, it will be worth the investment in the long run. If you want to be even less conspicuous, you can try creating your own stealth camper. All you have to do is purchase a white cargo Sprinter van without any side windows. You can then customize it to include standard camper components. (Related: Your SHTF guide to bugging out in an RV.)

Minimize your costs and limit your spending

Money is one of the most important resources that you will need in order to afford a life off the grid. Financial freedom is a considerable part of being able to live sustainably. Before you even consider living off-grid, you should first make sure to settle any outstanding debts with your credit cards or any people that you still owe money to. Disappearing without settling your debts will only give people a valid reason to track you down. Save your money to get out of debt. Learn how to cut down on luxuries and avoid unnecessary expenses. Change your spending habits to buy only the things that you need. You should also try to pay in cash as often as possible. Paying with a credit card will still leave a digital trail of bread crumbs with every purchase.

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Avoid identification and detection

Constant surveillance will be one of your greatest obstacles in living a low-profile lifestyle. Nowadays, everywhere you look, there will be surveillance cameras, sometimes with facial recognition capabilities. License plate scanners can often be found on most freeways, highways, toll roads, and bridges. Some establishments may even require you to present an ID before entering. In large cities and urban areas, becoming entirely invisible can be next to impossible unless you can truly blend in with the crowd and keep to yourself. As long as you have to interact with other people, you will always leave a trace behind. If you want to remain completely anonymous, you may have to create a group of trusted friends who can do all of your transactions on your behalf.

Cut off all technological dependencies

Modern technology has made it infinitely easier for people to connect with each other all around the world. Unfortunately, if you’re trying to disappear completely, this can be used against you. What you might not know is that the government can easily tap into your personal devices and access your personal information. They can activate your device’s camera to spy on you and listen in on your conversations, all without you even realizing it. The biggest sacrifice you might have to make in order to live a truly free and invisible lifestyle away from the peering eyes of the authorities would be to get rid of all your technological devices. Learn to live without the convenience of laptops, cell phone, tablets, and computers. If you really need to have a phone, try using a burner cell phone with removable batteries.

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